LEIVI Electric Bidet Smart Toilet Seat with Dual Control Mode, Adjustable Warm Water and Air Dryer, Ultra Slim Heated Toilet Seat, Oscillating and Pulsating Spray Wash, LED Nightlight, Elongated


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  • Leivi B01 is a user-friendly electric bidet toilet seat that is designed to give you high-quality features. This elongated bidet provides a hygienic bathroom experiences with its instant and continuous Warm Water, Adjustable Nozzle Spraying / Warm Air Dryer / Heated Seat. Arc Nozzle Bar, Concave Widened Seat, Capacitive Sensor Seat, LED Nightlight.
  • Enjoyable Home Spa – Provides a gentle, refreshing clean for the entire family, with the added benefit of enhanced usability at night and a deodorizer that keeps your bathroom fresh. Your bum deserves some self-care too. The self-cleaning bidet nozzle sanitizes between uses and a soft-closing seat means no more loud and abrupt slamming.
  • Dual Control Mode – Waterproof remote control facilitates pregnant or elderly people who are not so convenient to move around, and side control panel for both genders convenient operation. Indicator lights embedded for different Water Temperature, Seat Temperature, Drying Temperature. With a stylish design and weighted feel, the wireless remote can be wall mounted or used in-hand.
  • How to install – Straight insertion and click for main unit as well as clamping connector for inlet water pipe, making assembling or disassembly easy and fast. For quick installation follow the steps by downloading our install manual or watching tutorial. ( PS: This bidet seat must be seated on before operating the remote control or side control.)
  • Quality Backed by a Five-Years Warranty – LEIVI warrants its Bidets to be free from defects in materials and workmanship during normal use when properly installed and serviced for a period of three(3) years from the date of purchase for all customers and five(5) years from the date of purchase for customers that register their warranty.
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Leivi B01 electronic bidet toilet seat is designed to give you hygienic bathroom experience. This elongated smart bidet is equipped with warm air dryer, warm water wash, dual nozzle system, strong and soft wash modes, front and rear wash, waterproof remote control, side control, nightlight, and more. The advanced heating technology provides an extended warm water cycle and a warm air dryer gives an added touch of luxury. The strong wash mode gives an added boost of power when needed, while the soft wash mode is perfect when a gentle wash is desired. Front and rear washes are naturally aerated for superior cleaning and users can also opt for a pulsing or oscillating spray. Pressure, temperature, and nozzle position are fully adjustable.





Heated Seat

Contoured seat is heated to provide maximum comfort and keep you warm. Adjustable temperature settings allow users to create and maintain the perfect level of warmth.

Warm Air Dryer

Air dryer dries you fully within one minute. Enjoy the ease and comfort of drying, reduce the need for toilet paper and create a more hands-free experience.

Air Deodorizer

Air deodorizer neutralizes bathroom odors by using powerful filters. Effectively cleans the air around the toilet to create a more pleasant experience.

Soft Close Design

Soft close design prevents loud slamming. It makes no noise and will not wake your family at night. You don’t have to stoop to close the seat, which is ideal for people in a hurry or with back pain.





Bubble Massage Wash

Powered by a built-in motor that infuses aerated bubbles to create an optimal rejuvenating washing experience, helps to relax muscles, reliefs hemorrhoids and constipation problem.

Multiple Washing Modes

Rear / Front / Gentle Oscillating Massage Wash modes offer an optimal rejuvenating experience to you through relaxing muscles, promoting blood circulation and relieving constipation or hemorrhoid problem.

Strong Wash Mode

Leivi B01 electronic bidet on strong wash mode can spray about 1L warm water per minute. The strong spray and generous water volume bring you enjoyable washing experience.

Side Control Panel

Simplified side control panel facilitates pregnant or elderly people who are not so convenient to move around, also for both genders convenient operation.





Instant Warm Water

The heating tube is made of ceramic and heats up inlet water instantly to more than 86 ̊F/30 ̊C within one second, and ensures water to be constantly warm at your desired temperature for a relatively long time, bringing you the most intimate care in cold winter.

LED Night Light

Soft blue LED night light illuminates the toilet bowl at night. When you wake up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom, there is no problem finding the toilet seat without bathroom light. If you prefer not to use this function, you can simply turn it off.

Durable and Waterproof

The main body of electronic bidet toilet seat is covered by durable high grade polypropylene material which can support heavy weight, and its waterproof technology is reliable to resist from heavy moisture and humidity in bathroom or WC.

Quick Release

One button quick-release design enables quick and simple installation or disassembling. You can quickly install, remove, and thoroughly clean the bidet, including the area between the mounting post that is difficult to reach.